nay adv

nay adv
hoarse adj

English expressions. 2014.

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  • nay — /nay/, adv. 1. and not only so but; not only that but also; indeed: many good, nay, noble qualities. 2. Archaic. no (used in dissent, denial, or refusal). n. 3. a denial or refusal. 4. a negative vote or voter. [1125 75; ME nai, nei < ON nei no,… …   Universalium

  • nay — ay (n[=a]), adv. [Icel. nei; akin to E. no. See {No}, adv.] 1. No; a negative answer to a question asked, or a request made, now superseded by {no}. Opposed to {aye} or {yea}. See also {Yes}. [1913 Webster +PJC] And eke when I say ye, ne say not… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • nay — adv. & n. adv. 1 or rather; and even; and more than that (impressive, nay, magnificent). 2 archaic = NO(2) adv. 1. n. 1 the word nay . 2 a negative vote (counted 16 nays). Etymology: ME f. ON nei f. ne not + ei AYE(2) …   Useful english dictionary

  • nay — [nā] adv. [ME < ON nei < ne, not + ei, ever: see AYE1] 1. no: now seldom used except in voting by voice 2. not that only, but also: used to reinforce a statement [I permit, nay, encourage it] n. 1. a refusal or denial 2 …   English World dictionary

  • nay — adv. Wright’s L. P. p. 32 …   Oldest English Words

  • nay — adv 1. no, no indeed, Inf. nope, Sl. naw, Inf. no siree, Inf. no siree bob, Sl. uh uh, Sl. forget it; never, absolutely not, not on your life, on no account; negative, in the negative, 2. indeed, even, in truth, truly, in reality, actually, to be …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • nay — [[t]ne͟ɪ[/t]] 1) ADV: ADV with cl/group (emphasis) You use nay in front of a stronger word or phrase which you feel is more correct than the one you have just used and helps to emphasize the point you are making. [FORMAL] He was grateful for and… …   English dictionary

  • nay — nay1 [neı] adv [Date: 1100 1200; : Old Norse; Origin: nei] 1.) [sentence adverb] literary used when you are adding something to emphasize what you have just said ▪ a bright nay, a blinding light 2.) old use used to say no ▪ Nay, lad. It s not… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • nay — [[t]neɪ[/t]] adv. 1) and not only so but; not only that but also; indeed: many good, nay, noble qualities[/ex] 2) archaic no (used in dissent, denial, or refusal) 3) a denial or refusal 4) a negative vote or voter • Etymology: 1125–75; ME nai,… …   From formal English to slang

  • nay — neɪ n. refusal; negative vote (Archaic) adv. no; furthermore (Archaic) …   English contemporary dictionary

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