shady adj

shady adj
A lot of shady characters are waiting for their day in the sun.

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  • shady — (adj.) affording shade, 1570s, from SHADE (Cf. shade) (n.) + Y (Cf. y) (2). Meaning disreputable (1862) probably is from earlier university slang sense of of questionable merit, unreliable (1848). Related: Shadiness …   Etymology dictionary

  • shady — [shā′dē] adj. shadier, shadiest 1. giving shade 2. shaded, as from the sun; full of shade 3. of darkness, secrecy, or concealment 4. Informal of questionable character or honesty on the shady side of beyond (a given age); older than …   English World dictionary

  • shady — adj. Shady is used with these nouns: ↑character, ↑corner, ↑deal, ↑dealer, ↑dealings, ↑practice, ↑spot, ↑tree …   Collocations dictionary

  • shady — adj Suspicious, not quite honest. He got in trouble hanging out with some shady characters in the pool hall. 1860s …   Historical dictionary of American slang

  • shady — adj 1. bowery, bosky, arbory; shaded, arbored. 2. dark, umbrageous, umbral, penumbral, obum brate, Archaic. caliginous. 3. shadowy. See shadowy(defs. 1, 2). 4.Informal. of dubious character, disreputable, discreditable, dishonorable; dishonest,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • shady — adj American of dubious quality, potentially dangerous. A synonym of sketch(y) and dodgy …   Contemporary slang

  • shady — adj. (shadier, shadiest) 1 giving shade. 2 situated in shade. 3 (of a person or behaviour) disreputable; of doubtful honesty. Derivatives: shadily adv. shadiness n …   Useful english dictionary

  • shady — [[t]ʃe͟ɪdi[/t]] shadier, shadiest 1) ADJ GRADED You can describe a place as shady when you like the fact that it is sheltered from bright sunlight, for example by trees or buildings. After flowering, place the pot in a shady spot in the garden …   English dictionary

  • shady — shadily, adv. shadiness, n. /shay dee/, adj., shadier, shadiest. 1. abounding in shade; shaded: shady paths. 2. giving shade: a shady tree. 3. shadowy; indistinct; spectral. 4. of dubious character; rather disreputable: shady dealings …   Universalium

  • shady — shad|y [ˈʃeıdi] adj comparative shadier superlative shadiest 1.) protected from the sun or producing shade ▪ a shady street ▪ It was nice and shady under the trees. 2.) probably dishonest or illegal ▪ a shady character ▪ She s been involved in… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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