role reversal

role reversal
When two bakers traded buns they had a roll reversal.

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  • role reversal — role reversals N VAR Role reversal is a situation in which two people have chosen or been forced to exchange their duties and responsibilities, so that each is now doing what the other used to do. Calvin Smith has conducted studies into men who… …   English dictionary

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  • role reversal — /ˈroʊl rəvɜsəl/ (say rohl ruhversuhl) noun the playing of a role which is in some way the opposite of a role usually or previously played, as when a leader acts as a follower, a supplicant as a benefactor, etc …  

  • role — W3 [rəul US roul] n [Date: 1600 1700; : French; Origin: rôle roll, role , from Old French rolle; ROLL2] 1.) the way in which someone or something is involved in an activity or situation, and how much influence they have on it role in ▪ the role… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • reversal — re|vers|al [rıˈvə:səl US ə:r ] n 1.) [U and C] a change to an opposite arrangement, process, or way of doing something →↑turnaround reversal of/in ▪ a sudden reversal of government policy dramatic/sudden/complete reversal ▪ a dramatic reversal in …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • Reversal Theory — Introduction Reversal Theory [ Reversal Theory Website] is a general psychological theory of personality, motivation and emotion in the field of psychology. It was first formulated by British psychologist Michael J.… …   Wikipedia

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